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Graphic Operation Terminal

Manufacturing facilities are being designed to produce optimum speed and flexibility. While programmable logic controllers (PLCs) are being used to implement the required control functions, there is an additional new and developing field of application. This is where the user needs to have direct and immediate access to system data and even system configuration parameters.

The Mitsubishi Electric range of operator interface terminals offers many varying degrees of functional support. Text and graphical displays are complemented by supportive data control operations. Easy-to-use data access units provide low cost dedicated access to a PLCs information and the powerful and sophisticated Graphical Operator Terminals (GOTs) can be used in conjunction with Mitsubishi Electric PLCs to both monitor and control entire factories.

In addition to touch screen and colour options, Mitsubishi Electric GOTs incorporate many advanced features for easier process control including graphical representation of process information, as well as the ability to easily print directly from the GOT.

Mitsubishi Electric offers a wide range of operator interface terminals manufactured by Beijer Electronics of Sweden to complement its range of operator interfaces. Beijer products are dedicated to Mitsubishi Electric PLC systems.

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