Ceiling Mounted Air Conditioners

  • Inverter technology

    Inverter technology provides high-speed cooling and heating with extra energy savings compared to non-inverter models.

    Ceiling mounted cassette air conditioning home
  • Ceiling mounted cassette air conditioning for living rooms

No walls available to mount a split system - or limited ceiling space for a ducted system? The compact ceiling cassette air conditioning system is the perfect solution.

Plus, its whisper quiet operation makes it ideal for master bedrooms, living rooms and other single room residential or commercial uses.

  • Ceiling mounted
  • Reduced height for installation in restricted ceiling spaces
  • Designed to fit between standard 450mm centred joists
  • Built-in weekly timer
  • Auto vane control
  • Horizontal airflow
  • Connects to Mitsubishi Electric MXZ multi-split system and Mini VRF outdoor units only.
  • MLZ-KP25VF
  • MLZ-KP35VF
  • MLZ-KP50VF
  • 2.3 / 3.1 kW cooling / heating capacity (SLZ-KA25VA)
  • 4.2 / 4.5 kW cooling / heating capacity  (SLZ-KA50VA)
  • Compact design - fits into a 2-metre square ceiling panel
  • 7-day programmable timer
  • Connectable to MXZ Series multi split systems
  • SLZ-KA25VA
  • SLZ-KA50VA