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Medium Voltage Vacuum Contactors and Circuit Breakers

Mitsubishi Electric is a leader in the field of fault arc containment and control.

As a major manufacturer of vacuum interrupters (approximately 110,000 units per year), the Mitsubishi Electric range of vacuum contactors and circuit breakers provide safe and reliable protection even in the most demanding operating conditions.  This makes them ideal for use in hazardous areas such as underground mines.

SH-V vacuum contactorThe MELVAC series of products includes vacuum circuit breakers (VPR-D) with rated voltages up to 24kV and vacuum contactors (VZ-E) up to rated voltages of 7.2kV. The SH-V & SH-V BR series of vacuum contactors include rated voltages of up to 1500V & 3.3kV respectively and rated currents of up to 600A.



  Vacuum Circuit Breakers Product Catalogue ( PDF: 6.5 MB / 42 pp)
Vacuum Circuit Breakers VPR-D Series (3.6 ~ 24kV)

  Vacuum Contactor Product Catalogue ( PDF: 2.74 MB / 29 pp)
MELVAC VZ-E Series Vacuum Contactors & Combination Units

  Vacuum Contactor Product Catalogue ( PDF: 1.9 MB / 6 pp)
SH-V Series Vacuum Contactors 

  Vacuum Contactor Product Catalogue ( PDF: 1.1 MB / 4 pp)
SH-V BR Series Vacuum Contactors