High Reliability

Mitsubishi Electric LCD panels feature wide operating temperature range, forward compatibility, RoHS compliance, low EMI technology & long life lamp.

Wide Temperature Range

Mitsubishi Electric TFT-LCD modules are designed to deliver optimum performance over a wide range of temperatures (from -30 to 80°C*) in order to accommodate for diverse industrial applications such as outdoor kiosks in winter and summer.
*Some products are -20 to 70° C
Wide Temperature Range


Forward Compatibility

Industrial components are typically expected to be supported by the manufacturer over the long-term. In order to meet this expectation, Mitsubishi Electric delivers products that are forward compatible with successive models offering higher performance. 
Forward Compatibility


RoHS Compliance

RoHS* is a European Union directive that went into effect July 1, 2006, and which restricts the use of six hazardous materials (lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium VI, PBB, and PBDE) in the manufacture of various types of electronics and electrical equipment destined for EU markets. The Mitsubishi Electric environmental policy led to the achievement of RoHS compliancy of all products within 2005.
* Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive for electrical and electronic equipment 


Low EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) Technology

Electrical components like LCD modules create electromagnetic interference (EMI), which interrupts, obstructs, or otherwise degrades or limits the performance of surrounding electrical equipment. Many Mitsubishi Electric LCD modules incorporate low EMI technology such as low voltage differential signalling (LVDS). Other original technologies like driving circuit design minimize EMI for enhanced performance and usability.


Long-life Lamp & Easy Lamp Replacement Function

A trouble-free lifespan of five years or more is a basic condition for applications such as factory automation, measurement instrumentation, and automatic teller machines (ATM). Mitsubishi Electric TFT-LCD modules use lamps with 50,000*1 hours of life*2, and that can easily be replaced.
*1 Some products is 60,000 hours of life.
*2 Lamp life is defined as the period by which luminance is halved at a constant room temperature of 25°C, or when the starting voltage fails to reach the recommended value. Lamp life is influenced by surrounding temperature and/or lighting conditions. Lamp life decreases when used in environments with cold or hot temperatures.