Outdoor Use Technology

Features like low reflection, high brightness and Transflective LCD modules ensure Mitsubishi Electric LCD panels are ideal for continious outdoor use.

Ultra High Brightness and Super High Brightness

When used for outdoor applications in daylight, LCD screens are difficult to see at typical brightnesses of 300-500 cd/m², and require a much higher luminance for clear viewing. Mitsubishi Electric has greatly improved luminance through edge lighting (i.e., placing a lamp on the side of the display), thus making us the first LCD manufacturer to achieve ultra high brihgtness (1500 cd/m²) and super high brightness (up to 1000 cd/m²) with this technique.

Low Reflection through AR (Anti-Reflection) Technology

Outdoor applications in daylight or other bright environments require technology that can suppress surface reflection. Mitsubishi Electric LCD modules offer special AR (anti-reflection) surface treatment to prevent reflection, which ensures excellent visibility in daylight conditions.


High Color Saturation Transflective LCD

Transflective LCD modules hold both transmissive and reflective properties, and the method of image display depends upon the conditions of the ambient environment. The display uses a backlight with a transmissive property in dark environments, and uses external light with a reflective property in bright environments. Previously, the transflective method's reflective optical performance manifested difficulties with color performance when compared to the transmissive mode. Mitsubishi Electric transflective LCD modules have an improved reflective mode panel to allow for better color performance, which provides excellent color characteristics similar to the transmissive mode.