Enhanced Viewability

Continuous improvement in design and manufacture in order to achieve display of true-to-life images

Colour Conversion Technology: Natural Color Matrix

Point of sales (POS) terminals and kiosks often display advertisements and colourful images, the colours of which must remain vivid and faithful to the original. With a typical display the image invariably deviates from the original source because of display device characteristics. Mitsubishi Electric original Natural Color Matrix optimisation technology avoids this difference by separating colour data and luminance components while controlling individual display colours (red, green, blue, cyan, magenta, yellow) for optimised performance. Natural Color Matrix optimisation delivers balanced colour conversion without loss of panel colour properties to ensure colour quality that is very close to the original image.

Motion Improvement Technology: Feedforward Driving

Original Mitsubishi Electric Feedforward Driving technology provides a solution to the need for fast response to streaming images. Liquid crystal has a fast response time when changing from black to white or white to black, but takes longer when changing from one gray level to another. Feedforward Driving optimises driving voltage to boost performance. It improves all gray scale response time to within 16.6 ms per frame. This leading-edge motion improvement technology consists of a unified algorithm and semiconductor applied to the LCD module.