78 Series LED Wall Cubes

Energy-saving LED light source and DLP® projector system incorporated to realize more advanced visual communications.Display wall cubes with wide formats of 16:9 and 16:10 newly added to the product line-up, further enhancing our ability totailor solutions to suit diversified customer applications.

An expansive line-up is now available including 62 and 72-inch 16:10 wide models, a 70-inch 16:9 wide model, and 50, 60, 67 and 80-inch 4:3 models. Available resolutions include XGA, SXGA+, Full HD(1080P) and WUXGA. Three screen options are offered as well: Black Stripe (standard), Cross-lenticular and Black Bead, which vary in brightness and viewing angle capabilities. This expanded range of choices gives users more flexibility in creating the optimal system to match the application and installation environment.


At the core of the Mitsubishi Electric LED display walls are 7 key design concepts known collectively as the Smart 7. These are:


High-resolution Images Created with Mitsubishi Electric's New Optical Engine and Image-quality Circuit Design

High Contrast and Brightness

Colour Space Control Circuit Digital Gradation Circuit
With newly developped optical system which is 100% tuned for LED light source, the brightness unifor-mity is even more improved. For wide models, higher contrast 1500:1 (WE/HE models) and higher brightness 1100 cd/m2 (62WE78/62WEF78) are realised. For 4:3 models, higher contrast 1600:1 (PE models) and 1700:1 (XE models) are achieved with the highest brightness at 1420 cd/m2 (50PE78/50PE78F). To compensate for the color and brightness inconsisten-cies on display wall cubes, Mitsubishi Electric has developed an original Color Space Control Circuit that balances and blends colors.The ratios of each primary color (Red/Green/Blue) and other color mixtures are adjusted to provide consistent color blending and superior uniformity on multi-screen configurations. Loss of brightness at the screen edges is no longer a problem owing to Mitsubishi Electric's innovative digital gradation circuit. Brightness is distributed evenly across the screen, ensuring the reproduction of sharp, vivid images from edge to edge on multi-screen configurations.


without Colour Space Control

with Colour Space Control

without Digital Gradation

with Digital Gradation



More Ports and Increased Input Resolution Options

The number of input boards has been increased for compatibility with a wider range of input signals. Compatibility with input resolution is also increased, now including up to WUXGA (1920x1200).
*Possible to select up to three from five option boards per Display Wall Cube.


Built-in Processor

The 70 Series units are equipped with an internal data processing function. Up to four windows (*1) or two windows (*2)per cube can be displayed when using the optional input boards. Windows can be of any size or displayed across the entire wall (up to six windows (*1) or three windows (*2) per cube is possible if a ‘desktop’ image is not present). Multiple windows can be moved freely without the need of an external computer. Used in combination with Mitsubishi Electric’s D-Wall software suite, the entire imaging system can be controlled intuitively from a user-friendly graphical user interface.
(*1) WE/HE Models with VC-B70V2 and VC-B70DA2 or PE/XE Models with all boards.
(*2) WE/HE Models with other boards.


Brightness and Colour Uniformity Maintained between Multiple Screens Realizing More Expressive Images

Each display wall cube is equipped with three built-in sensors (one for each primary color) that use a color and brightness maintenance algorithm. The sensors continually monitor the individual red, green and blue output of each display wall cube, share the data with adjacent cubes, and adjust performance automatically to produce extremely accurate colors and brightness balance over the entire display. These features make it possible to maintain image uniformity on multi-screen configura-tions over long periods of operation without using external software or a computer.


Full Front Access for Simple Maintenance

Mitsubishi Electric offers a wide line-up of front-access products: front access is available for 70" [Full HD (1080P)], 62" (WUXGA) and 72" (WUXGA) models, as well as 4:3 models (50", 60" and 67", both XGA and SXGA+). The specially designed slide-and-lift screen and the special air-ventilation system allow all installation and maintenance work to be completed from the front. As a result, no maintenance space is needed behind the display wall cubes even if they are tiled as a display wall installation.


Air Cooling System for LED Light Source

Liquid Cooling System

Pump/Drive parts are required to circulate the liquid
Complex system requiring liquid reservoir and tube
Coolant must be replaced frequently due to deterioration and loss - Pump has a short service life (approx. 50,000hr)

Air Cooling System

Highly efficient, compact cooling module
No moving parts that require frequent replacement
Long service life

Efficient Air Cooling System Realizes Higher Reliability
The system has an optimal airflow path and cooling module design that are perfectly matched to the characteristics of the LED light source.

7. Redundancy

Smart Switch

A "Smart Switch" function has been added to Mitsubishi Electric display wall cubes to deliver the signal redundancy necessary for mission critical applica-tions that require round-the-clock operation. If a signal is unexpectedly lost, the display wall automatically switches to the alternative signal source (either “port-to-port” or “board-to-board”) within seconds after the ‘no signal’ status is detected. This function makes it possible for the user to minimize downtime in the event of a signal source failure.

Specification Overview

78 Series Specifications
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