70 Series DLP Wall Cubes

As one of the first manufacturers to introduce display walls using DLP technology in 1997, Mitsubishi Electric has extensive experience in the design and production of display wall cubes. It is through this knowledge and experience that we have developed our best range of display walls to date - the all new 70 Series. Incorporating the latest cutting edge technologies, the 70 Series display wall cubes deliver superior picture quality and reliability; maintaining the reputation of Misubishi Electric for excellence in product engineering.




At the core of the 70 Series display walls are 7 key design concepts known collectively as the Smart 7. These are:



Advanced Smart Lamp - Each individual display wall cube stores the colour characteristics for the particular lamp it's using. When the lamp is changed, the display wall cube communicates with the other display wall cubes and performs the Colour Space Control adjustment automatically for the new lamp.

Colour Space Control - Mitsubishi Electric's original digital Colour Space Control circuit (or digital colour balancing and blending circuit), compensates for colour and brightness discrepancies between display cubes in a given array. Uniquely, the Colour Space Control circuit can adjust gain for Red (R), Green (G) and Blue (B) values in each primary colour(R/G/B) as well as other mixed colours, giving consistent colour blending and brilliance uniformity over a multi-screen configuration.

Digital Gradation Circuit - Mitsubishi Electric's original Digital Gradation Circuit can elevate the brightness level at the edges of a screen, where brightness usually drops down, in order to ensure the optimum brightness distribution and uniformity in a multi configuration display wall.


Modular System Design-  The 70 Series display wall cube is completely customisable to match any requirement and is available in 50”, 60”, 67” and 80” sizes. Video cubes can be ordered in completed form or in individual modules, comprising of a choice between cabinet, engine & screen configuration. The displays also have 3 optional input board slots. The line up of available input boards caters for all types of video inputs and system types, from simple to complex.

Screen Options - These include Mitsubishi Electric’s proprietary high gain “Black-Stripe” anti-glare screen,  and a low-gain Black Bead screen designed for use in control room applications. 


Built-in Processor -  The internal processing of the 70 Series has been radically improved upon that of its predecessors (50 Series). With the optional input boards, users can display up to 4 windows of any size per cube as well as on the entire display wall (the “Desktop”).This increases up to 6 windows per video cube if there is no “Desktop” image. Free placement of multiple image windows is possible without using an external processor.


Dynamic Colour and Brightness Balancing -  Each 70 Series video cube comes equipped with 3 built-in sensors (one for each primary colour) and an embedded Dynamic Colour & Brightness Balancing system. These built-in sensors continually monitor the individual Red, Green and Blue outputs of each cube, sharing this data with its neighbours and adjusting performance automatically to maintain an extremely accurate colour balance over the entire display. This system maintains the image uniformity of multi display wall cubes configurations over long periods of operation without an external computer.


Front Access Models - With the 70 Series, Mitsubishi Electric’s front-access versions are widely available in 50”, 60” and 67” sizes in both XGA and SXGA+ resolutions. The specially designed slide & lift screen structure and the self aired ventilation system allows all the installation and maintenance work to be done from the front. No additional space behind the display wall cube is necessary.


Advanced Smart Colour Wheel - The Colour Wheel of each 70-Series video cube stores its own colour characteristics. This system comes into operation when replacing a Colour Wheel within an existing display wall. Upon replacement, the display wall cube which has the new colour wheel immediately recognizes the difference in characteristics from the previous colour wheel and automatically makes adjustments to match the colours of the other display wall cubes.

Extended Service Life - The average service life of the colour wheel for Mitsubishi Electric display wall cubes has been significantly increased with the 70 Series (100,000 hours; or over 11 years of continuous operation). The service life of other parts such as the fan packs have also been extended to 100,000 hours. This significantly reduces the cost of ownership for users.


Smart Switch - The 70 Series features a Smart Switch function to deliver the signal redundancy necessary for mission critical applications that require 100% uptime. If a signal unexpectedly disappears, the display wall automatically switches an alternative signal into operation (either “Port-to-Port” or “Board-to-Board”) a few seconds after the “no signal” status is detected. This function makes it possible for the user to minimise down time in the event of a signal source failure.

With all these features and more, the 70 Series of wall cubes are the ideal solution for any large wall screen application.

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