Electronic Engine Control Systems

Mitsubishi Electric engine control system enables a vehicle's engine to be more efficiently and economically controlled.

Central to the system is the ECU (Engine Control Unit) which monitors the engine and controls it to maximise performance.

The ECU controls fuel, idle speed, engine spark timing, other load functions, and fault diagnosis.

Another important component of the system is the Pressure Sensor. The Mitsubishi Electric design has a number of features which assure stable performance under harsh engine conditions and can be used for detection of the engine intake manifold pressure, atmospheric pressure and any other air pressure.

Central to the control of the idle speed is the Mitsubishi Electric designed Idle Speed Control (ISC) Valve and Throttle Body. Mitsubishi has two types of control valve available - one being a linear solenoid, the other being a stepper motor type. By combining the throttle sensor with the ISC valve into the throttle body, the tubing of the air intake system can be simplified.