Climaveneta chillers

Widest range of solutions

Modern architecture and occupiers’ increased sensitivity to comfort in the workplace require a focus on the specific characteristics of each building, both in terms of usage as well as of structural features.

  • From 1 to 4190 kW
  • Any kind of system design: hydronic, all-air, data centre solutions and water loop heat pumps
  • Any kind of technology, divided into 12 product sub-ranges

Highest configurability

A wide range of configurations has been developed in order to give customers maximum design freedom: all the units are adaptable to a variety of plant configurations to cover a very wide range of requirements and goals

  • Each product is available in countless configurations for all relevant aspects
  • Efficiency versions as a standard in all hydronic products
  • Noise reduction versions as a standard in all products
  • Heat recovery options as a standard for all hydronic systems
  • Heat recovery options as a standard for rooftop units for all-air-systems
  • Air-treatment version as a standard for all air handling units


Product range

Residential chillers and heat pumps

Optimized heat pumps for heating

Commercial and industrial chillers

Commercial and industrial heat pumps

Units for simultaneous and independent production of hot and cold water

Hydronic terminals

IT Cooling

Telecom solutions

Rooftop units

Air handling units (AHU)

Ancillary products

Management and control systems

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