Water Cooled Heat Recovery

The City Multi WR2 Series feature the convience of unique Mitsubishi Electric 2-Pipe system with the added benefits of heat recovery and water cooling.

High energy efficiency

  • A highly efficient R410A scroll compressor design results in less friction losses at the motor.
  • A simplified refrigerant circuit (low-pressure loss) including new accumulator design adds a few more points to the efficiency scale.

Unique technology

  • Unique to Mitsubishi Electric, our heat recovery technology uses just two pipes, as opposed to the market conventional three. Designed for simultaneous heating and cooling our R2 and WR2 systems off substantial savings on installation and annual running costs.
  • The heat of City Multi heat recovery is the BC Controller, which houses a liquid/gas separator; allowing the outdoor unit to deliver a mixture of hot gas for heating and liquid for cooling, all through the same pipe.
  • Water-Cooled - it is now possible to combine the features of VRF with a water circuit using City Multi WR2. The heat is rejected to a water source rather than the outside air. The energy from the rejected heat can be used in Cooling Towers, Dry Air Coolers and Condenser Water Loops.


The City Multi system provides a modular approach to air conditioning requirements – providing an ideal solution for new build, refurbishment projects and phased installations.

The wide range of indoor units include ducted, ceiling cassettes, wall mounted, ceiling suspended and floor mounted.

Highly intelligent

The City Multi series can be remotely controlled and monitored through MELANS, Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning Network Solution. This system allows access via a LAN connection and alterations to operation times and temperatures can be made.


PQRY-P200/250/300-YHM-A  PQRY-P400/450/500/550/600YSHM-A

Specification Overview

Model Name
Indoor Units
1 to 20
1 to 25
PQRY-P300YHM-A 12 33.5 1 to 30 
1 to 40
PQRY-P450YSHM-A 18 50 1 to 45 
1 to 50
PQRY-P550YSHM-A 22 63 2 to 50
PQRY-P600YSHM-A 24 69 2 to 50


Indoor Capacity: 50 - 130%

Indoor Models: P20 to P250 / 2.2kW to 28kW

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