Building Management & Control System

Mitsubishi Electric Australia is proud to provide Diamond Controls, a branded, bundled, and seamless building controls solution. Mitsubishi Electricís Diamond Controls are powered by the industry leading Niagara Framework®, the industryís first software technology designed to integrate diverse building systems and devices into one seamless system.

Mitsubishi Electric automation system


Turnkey Solution

Many steps take place between designing a controls system, installing it and using it. Mitsubishi Electric Australia will bridge this gap and provide not only quality hardware but also service solutions that go far beyond what is traditionally offered. Diamond Control Solutions is involved in all aspects as outlined in the diagram below.

Mitsubishi Electric building automation turnkey solution

Integration with Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning Systems

Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Controls enables a smooth integration with the Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning units providing a single point of access to control and monitor the units. Controlling numerous systems through a single interface reduces the time it takes to make necessary adjustments.


Air conditioning system integration with building system


Diamond Controls

DC-600E Controller

The Mitsubishi Electric DC-600E is an embedded controller/server platform that combines integrated control, supervision, data logging, alarming, scheduling and network management functions into a small, compact platform with Internet connectivity and web serving capabilities.

The DC-600E makes it possible to control and manage external devices over the Internet, presenting real-time information to users in web-based graphical views.

  • Supports open protocols.
  • Web User Interface (standard) serves rich presentation and live data to a browser.
  • Run stand-alone control, energy management and multi-protocol integration.
  • Standard and optional communication boards
  • Can be expanded.
  • Easy to install and supports multiple power options.
  • Embedded IBM Power PC Platform.

 DC-600E Controller for building management and control system (BMS)

DC-PRO Supervisor

The Mitsubishi Electric DCPro is a flexible network server for all connected DC-600E stations. The DCPro harnesses the power of the Internet to provide efficient integration of standard open protocols. The DCPro creates a powerful network environment with comprehensive database management functionality, alarm management, and messaging services.

Main Features

  • The Niagara Framework® is an open, Java-based framework that integrates diverse systems, devices and communication standards into an interoperable, Web-enabled application environment that allows the user to monitor, manage and control their devices and systems at anytime from anywhere around the world using standard Web browsers.
  • Ability to integrate standard protocols such as BACnet, Lonworks, MODBUS, legacy systems and so much more.
  • Energy Management capable Front End Software
  • Integration is not only limited to Mechanical systems but also with Electrical, Hydraulic, Access Control, CCTV and so much more.
  • Interrogation is via a standard Web Browser with no additional software required.


Procon MelcoBEMS MINI


Procon MelcoBEMS MINI

The Procon MelcoBEMS MINI is designed to connect individual indoor units to a third party BMS.


The Procon Mini continually reads data from the system making the latest information available for third-party BMS while changing configuration when necessary allowing for connection to Modbus RTU or BACnet MS/TP, selectable by dip switch setting.


Find out more about the Procon MelcoBEMS MINI.