Air to Water Indoor Units

In an ATW system, standard CITY MULTI indoor units can also be connected.

CITY MULTI selection of indoor units provide a wide range of indoor units to meet the requirements of all room types, providing greater flexibility to an air to water system design. Units are available in Ceiling Cassette, Ceiling Concealed Ducted, Ceiling Suspended, Wall Mounted and Floor Mounted versions.

City Multi PLFY-VLMD ceiling cassette

PLFY-VLMD ceiling cassette

2-way airflow ceiling cassette with 290 mm height and built in drain lift-up mechanism make this unit ideal for low and narrow ceiling spaces.


city Multi PMFY-VBM-E ceiling cassette

PMFY-VBM-E ceiling cassette

1-way airflow ceiling cassette with 230 mm height


PLFY-WP-VBM,VCM cassette

PLFY-VBM/VCM cassette

4 way airflow ceiling cassette. Ideal for applications with ceiling heights up to 4.2m.


PEFY-VMS1(L) ceiling concealed

PEFY-VMS1(L) ceiling concealed

Low static ceiling concealed unit with 200mm height for low ceiling applications.


PEFY-VMA(L) ceiling concealed

PEFY-VMA(L) ceiling concealed

Middle static ceiling concealed unit with 250mm height for installation in tight spaces, such as ceiling cavities or drop ceilings.

City Multi PEFY-VMR ceiling concealed

PEFY-VMR ceiling concealed

Low static pressure ceiling concealed unit, ideal for use in hotels, museums, libraries or hospitals as the noise level in the room can be as low as 21 dB(A), depending on room size and setting of the unit. Left and right piping and control boxes are available depending on the layout of each room.


City Multi PEFY-VMH(S)-E ceiling concealed

PEFY-VMH(S)-E ceiling concealed

High static pressure ceiling concealed unit, provides flexibility for duct extension, branching and air outlet configuration.


City Multi PCFY-VKM-E ceiling suspended

PCFY-VKM-E ceiling suspended

Ultra-quiet operation and easy maintenance, the unit provides comfortable air conditioning for a wide range of applications where floor or wall space cannot be used practically.


City Mluti PKFY-VKM-E wall mounted

PKFY-VKM-E wall mounted

An elegant design combined with larger capacity make the PKFY-P VKM-E ideal for larger homes, offices and retail.


City Multi PFFY-VKM-E2 floor console

PFFY-VKM-E2 floor console

Compact and elegantly designed floor console unit for bedrooms, living rooms and smaller office spaces.


PFFY-WP-VLRM/VLRMM floor console

PFFY-VLRM/VLRMM floor console

Floor mounted concealed unit. Compact unit for air conditioning in perimeter zone.



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