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MMS-G22 Mobile Mapping System for 3D point cloud capture

Mobile Mapping System

Mitsubishi Electric MMS-G220 Mobile Mapping System is a highly accurate measuring system using car-mounted GPS antennas, laser scanners and cameras.


3D point cloud acquisition

3D point cloud acquisition

The system gathers 3D positioning data of road surfaces and roadside features to an absolute accuracy of 10 centimetres, allowing the creation of comprehensive 3D maps to the level of accuracy needed to support autonomous driving as well as other applications such as Surveying, Infrastructure Management and Disaster Control.

3D space positional point cloud is acquired at a rate of 27,100 points/sec (per scanner) to a range of 65 m with a 180° field of view. An optional long-range/high density laser can increase the acquisition rate to 1,000,000 points/sec to a range of 119 m with a 360° field of view.


Easily installed and removed

MMS Components


The integrated, easily mountable, and detachable solution allows use with numerous vehicle types and applications.

Surveyors and geospatial technicians working in urban, mining or agriculture are able the use the 3D point cloud acquired for generating 3D maps.

Professionals working in infrastructure management can utilise freshly captured 3D point cloud data to update maps for planning and management. Changes in the field can be can be acquired and reviewed for map updates.


MMS-G220 Mitsubishi Mobile Mapping System components

Unique software developed by Mitsubishi Electric reduces the amount of on-roof equipment required to operate the system whilst integration of in-vehicle equipment enables simplified wiring, leading to easier installation and more convenient operation.

Detachable mobile mapping system


Conventional Mobile Mapping Systems have various components individually mounted onto the car requiring the vehicle to be returned to the workshop for periodic maintenance and calibration. The new Mitsubishi Electric MMS-G220 offers a flexible and versatile solution that can be easily mounted to and detached from the car by drivers themselves greatly reducing down time and set up time.

The only equipment required within the vehicle is a laptop leaving the luggage space free.


3D spatial information for autonomous driving maps


3D spatial information for autonomous driving maps

The system has been authorized as the standard tool for public surveying in Japan, and has sold more than 100 units with a market share of over 70%.  Furthermore, the system is put into practical use for gathering 3D spatial information to create common base maps for autonomous driving undertaken by “Dynamic Map Planning Co., Ltd.“. Dynamic Map Planning Co was established by a group of 5 major mapping companies and 9 automotive companies with Mitsubishi Electric as the top shareholder.

The system will also make use of Japan’s Quasi-Zenith Satellite System (QZSS) developed by Mitsubishi Electric, which will commence full service first in Japan from 2018, then to the Asia-Oceania region. The satellite system will significantly improve the accuracy of positioning in areas where signals from GPS satellites cannot be clearly received due to skyscrapers or natural terrain.

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For more information or to arrange a detailed review with Mitsubishi Electric design engineers please contact Mitsubishi Electric Australia.

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